Monday, February 15, 2010


Gojira are my favourite band..period. "The Way Of All Flesh" and "From Mars to Sirius" are, in my opinion, 2 of the greatest metal releases of the last decade and have propelled them to becoming one of the most highly praised bands of the decade. 

However, while these two albums are undeniable masterpieces, fans can sometime over look there earlier works, 'Terra Incognita' and 'The Link', which is a crime, especially when it comes to 'The Link'.

The link was the blueprint of what would become 'From Mars to Sirius' and shows just why such a huge hype began to form around the french metallers. Songs such as 'Rememberance', 'Indians' and 'Inward Movement' are just as good as anything of the bands last two releases and show just how good the band are at creating forboding atmospheres in their songs.

Give this album a listen now!

Death Breath

Moving on to the music side of things, the first band I recommend checking out are Death Breath.

Made up of ex members of Runemagick, Deathwitch, Nihilist, Entombed, Repulsion & Merciles, Death Breath offer a big ol slab of old school death metal that isn't fancy but sure is effective!

Fans of Autopsy and Dismember are sure to enjoy the bands speed changes, going from painfully slow riffs to full on face melters, especially on 'Dragged Through the Mud'.

One thing I really liked on all the tracks on their myspace was the killer guitar tone Rob Pehrsson has and the clarity of the riffs. Muddy, undistinguishable riffs are one of my pet peeves when it comes to death metal releases but death Breath has no problems here. The song title 'Giving Head to the dead' also earns them bonus points from me!

So if your looking for some old school death metal to thrown on at the gym or while having a few beers go check out death breath now!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Okay so for my first post I want to talk about a french Film called 'Martyrs' which every horror fan needs to check out.

"Martyrs" wass written and directed by Pascal Laugier and debuted at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and has been hailed by most horror websites/publications as one of the best horror films of the decade.

I'm not really into giving away the plot of this film as it would ruin the whole experience;I feel its best not to know what to expect when your watching it, like I did. But the gist of it is its about a young girl Lucie who is being held captive and subjected to vicious abuse and degradation.

Now, I'm a fan of dark,disturbing movies but "Martyrs" completely raised the bar on how just how dark and depressing a film can be!The film genuinely disturbed me and left an impact on me for days later. The abuse and degradation Lucie is subject too is unrelenting, particularly in the final half hour, and the ending scene still freaks me out everytime i think about it.

The violence is quite extreme, which has led to it being stuck with the 'torture porn' label. however, while Martyrs rightly deserves its R rating, it's also extremely thought provoking. For fear of spoiling the story for you I wont fill you all in on what you'll be thinking about!

If you like your films dark and disturbing then you owe it to yourself to check this film out. Be warned however, it will definately be one of the most unnnerving and uncomfortable film experiences of your life.let me know what you guys think after you watch it!


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